#LoveAHeart 4

Chelsea and Yaw, Photo by Chris Luckhardt.

Chelsea and Yaw, Photo by Chris Luckhardt.

It’s almost here, #LoveAHeart 4! I never could have imagined that an event that started as an idea in a coffee shop would last four years and raise more than $30,000.00 for The Heart & Stroke Foundation. It’s been an amazing ride and I can only hope that it lasts for many, many more years.

This year, as always, we’ll be partying at The Hideout; on February 13 at 8PM. The Hideout has been with us since the beginning and from day one they’ve been the best partner that I could possibly ask for. The entirety of the door sales go to the HSF, we’ve never had to pay for the space and every so often a hot bartender goes up on the auction block; it’s an amazing relationship and I couldn’t be luckier to have them.

Nat & Marie

Nat & Marie

Our hosts this year will be the always fabulous, completely stunning and utterly hilarious Nat & Marie. They’ve got big shoes to fill; for the past couple of years Shawn Hawaii and Shankell have KILLED it! Hawaii & Shankell have been passionate, kind and dedicated supporters of the event and the cause and I am so grateful for everything they’ve done. I’m not too worried though, I love Nat and Marie they’re basically Toronto’s Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. These beautiful ladies are rockstars and I’m super jazzed to see if they follow through on their almost promise to do a dance number.

Love a Heart has always been important to me on many levels but the reason I started the event is because my Mum suffers from a heart condition and I wanted to help her and people like her. But this year is even more important to me, in November my Mum’s brother died after suffering from his second heart attack and I had to be the one to tell her, which was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. I was never close with my Uncle Chris but my Mum misses him and at 55 he was far too young to die of a heart attack, so this year I’m dedicating Love a Heart to Christopher Charles Francis Masterson of Belleville, Ontario.

Come join us on Valentine’s Eve at The Hideout for an evening of drinks, entertainment, dancing and maybe buy yourself a hot date with someone gorgeous and fabulous while you’re at it. The rules are simple $5 gets you in the door, there are 10 bachelors and bachelorettes, all dates come with a date package like tickets to a game or dinner at a fancy restaurant, minimum bid is $25 and ALL proceeds from the evening go to the HSF.

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