#LoveAHeart Gets Pretty

Our beautiful bachelorette Allison with makeup by Rachel Jones.

Our beautiful bachelorette Alison Michelle with makeup by Rachel Jones. Style by Toronto’s own King & Fox.

Every year around this time I find myself asking friends, acquaintances and strangers to stand up on a stage and get auctioned off for a good cause; anyone who’s been on the #LoveAHeart stage in the past four years will tell you that it’s a blast but it isn’t always easy to get up on that stage. I think my friends are gorgeous, I’ve never had a girl up on our stage that I didn’t think was beautiful both inside and out. But we are our own worst critics and a lot of the girls get understandably nervous before jumping on stage with our wonderful hosts.

This year Rachel Jones of B Pretty has kindly offered to lend her professional makeup skills to all of our bachelorettes to make them feel extra pretty when they get up on that stage.

Rachel is certified in makeup and airbrush artistry and believes in empowering all women to look and feel their best. Her philosophy of making women, “fall back in love with their face.” is a beautiful one. It’s not the makeup that makes the woman but as we all know a fresh coat of paint and a bright lip can make any gal feel like a star.

Rachel and B Pretty can handle any event from bridal to film to fashion to a makeover for the every day woman Rachel has you covered. If you fall in love with the look of our beautiful bachelorettes on Thursday don’t forget who gave them a little extra sparkle, Be Pretty, and don’t forget to give Rachel a call the next time you need to look extra specially fabulous.

If you’re in love with the image in this post don’t forget to check out King & Fox, a local styling firm that specializes in one-of-a-kind and on-trend modern styling. Aside from their vast collection, King & Fox has access to multiple showrooms and custom couturiers around the city, as well as makeup and hair artists. This allows clients access to a full team, with styling concepts designed from head to toe. The founder, a Manhattan veteran, maintains access to industry connections in New York, as well.

We’re only 5 days away from what I think will be our best event yet, see you Thursday loves.

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