Gym Time With Jason

I took a small break from my personal blog last month; #LoveAHeart tired me out, I’ve got a fairly new gig running social for an awesome brand, I’ve been having a blast blogging for View The Vibe and I’ve been spending every Wednesday night working out with Jason Battiste.

Jason BattisteFor the couple of months I’ve been working out every Wednesday with Jason, which means that for two months once a week I get my ass kicked by a former Canadian Super Middle Weight Kickboxing Champion and it’s as hard as it sounds. Jason has taught me to fight tired by only allowing me to start fight training AFTER I push a 90 LBS sleigh across a gym, spend twenty seconds on the battling ropes and run on a treadmill when the treadmill is off. Running on a treadmill when it’s off is basically like running up a hill with weights strapped to your legs, it’s the worst. But for the first time in a really long time I feel like I’m on track, I feel like I’m actually getting fit and it’s really amazing.

I’ve tried personal trainers before but I’ve never been able to find a trainer who is able to motivate me without yelling; Jason keeps you motivated by reminding you that you can do it, by telling you not to give up and by talking you through the workout. If you’re looking for a great trainer I couldn’t recommend anyone higher and he’ll work out with you in YOUR condo gym, which is amazing when you’re super busy and trying to think of an excuse not to work out.

I’m hoping to have a completely enviable bod by summer and Jason is a big part of that. Stay tuned for fitness updates, videos and photos throughout April.


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