Trind Nail Repair

At the beginning of April I received a package from Charming Media with a supply of Trind nail repair products and at first I was dubious; my nails are notoriously weak and when they start to crack I almost ALWAYS start to peel them off. But after a few short weeks of treating my nails with the Moisturizing Nail Balsam and the Nail Repair my nails are stronger, healthier and I haven’t peeled a nail in almost a month.

Less than two weeks later.

Less than two weeks later.

I’ve tried other nail care/nail repair systems in the past but Trind wins for forcing me to use the treatment every day for two weeks; the system became an evening ritual and it was easy to keep up with it. When you’re putting that much effort into your nails you’re definitely more likely to fight the urge to peel. Honestly though my nails are so strong now there urge is gone anyway.

The best part about having healthy nails is actually looking forward to a mani/pedi instead of walking in shamefully with cracked cuticles and uneven peeled nails. I usually make up excuses when I sit down for my mani, “Oh! This just literally happened and I need them to look lovely again.” In reality they haven’t looked lovely since the last wedding I attended because I probably got anxious and peeled a broken nail last night. But I’m always afraid if I tell them that they will judge me, they probably do anyway. I don’t blame them. But now that my nails actually look good again I plan to treat myself with a manicure at my favourite salon in the city, The Ten Spot.

I’ll be honest now that my nails are no longer a hideous mess of hand-sadness I find myself looking at them more often, I hold things differently and I pay attention to what my hands actually look like when I do things. I love typing on my phone, I’ve learned that, I also really like the feeling of my nails clicking on the keyboard and my confidence has increased. It sounds really weird but I actually feel more confident meeting new people, probably because I know longer have the hands of a bubblegum popping sixteen year old chipped nails and polish just doesn’t scream ‘management’ when you walk into a meeting.

If you’ve never had beautiful nails or if the winter just destroyed your cuticles beyond repair check out Trind. I promise you won’t regret it.

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