Everything is Awesome!

“Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team!” The Tegan and Sara ft Lonely Island LEGO Movie anthem was my theme song for the weekend.

It all started with a hair cut by Greg May on Friday morning, we discussed going grey/lavender but time constraints meant that my colour would have to wait until the next time I see him. Don’t worry it’s definitely going to happen in time for festival season/summer fun; I’ll be seeing Greg again next month for another cut and my first ever dye job. The cut is amazing and I don’t look like a lady with a mop on her head any more.

Boyfriend is so suave.

Boyfriend is so suave.

After my cut I met up with Boyfriend and we picked up our truck to take us on our weekend away at Viamede; big thanks to the folks at Enterprise for saving us when Budget gave us trouble over who was paying and who was driving. Despite a little bit of traffic the drive up was lovely, I found a new Songza playlist called Pajamas to Party Dress which basically describes my life and was the perfect road trip soundtrack.

We arrived at Viamede to sunshine and +20 degree temperatures, basically the absolute perfect start to what would be one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. When we arrived and checked in to our lovely room at the picturesque resort, I put some champagne in the fridge to cool and we headed to the pub to meet up with Val and crew. Our evening was a mess of delicious food, red wine, karaoke and cider; which is basically Shannon for AMAZING!

The Saturday morning view from our room at Viamede.

The Saturday morning view from our room at Viamede.

Day two at Viamede began with breakfast at 1885 which included the best breakfast sausage I’ve ever tasted, a big statement for a gal who brunches almost every weekend. After breakfast Boyfriend and I headed to meet the pigs that live on the resort. Did you know that pigs dance? These guys were absolutely adorable and for someone who believes fully in eating ethically raised, happy animals, it was cool to see something I believe in so strongly in action. After hanging out with the piggies for a little while we headed over to the spa where I got my nails done and Boyfriend got a massage, Viamede is kind of like the cottage we wished we’d had growing up it’s cottage life with all the amenities.

The spa at Viamede is run by the women of Euphoria Spa and Wellness in nearby Peterborough; Kate who did my nails introduced me to a shellac type gel that dries in 20 seconds under LED lights. Kind of amazing right? The product is developed by Artistic Nail Design and you better believe I’m going to be looking for a salon that carries it in Toronto. Following our spa treatment we headed to the marina to kayak on Stoney Lake, it was a little choppy but we had a good time and I enjoyed being back on the lake after a LONG winter. For those of you that don’t know me personally, I love the water so much I tattooed it on my ribs when I was 19. I like being in the water, I like being on the water, I like sitting in the general vicinity of water. The water makes me happy and being on it, with the sun beating down on us was exactly what I needed after a long week at work.

ABM_1399760066We spent the rest of Saturday drinking on Zach’s patio and talking he was by the way the perfect patio host. After our day of enjoying the resort amenities we headed back to 1885 for a pig roast, Boyfriend’s favourite part of the whole weekend. The food, prepared by Kevin McKenna, was gorgeous, subtle and evoked our surroundings; luxury cottage with a twist.

The strangest and best part of my weekend was during our pig roast dinner when I got to meet the man behind Waupoos Cider, Grant Howes.  I don’t have many good memories of my bio-dad’s side of the family but the one good memory I have is spending every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember apple picking, cheese tasting and eventually ending up at Waupoos Cider so the family could taste the delicious, “adult apple juice.” Today I’m an avid cider drinker and meeting Grant was one of the coolest things I experienced at Viamede.

Our Saturday night ended with a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity in Jen & Marty’s room accompanied by Nicole and her beau James. Nicole and I have chatted at many events before but I LOVED spending more time with her, she’s an absolute doll and I look forward to more trips and gab sessions in the future.

Do you want an amazing weekend at Viamede? Mention this blog post when you book for the May long weekend and you’ll receive 10% off your booking AND a complimentary bottle of wine. If you can’t head up this weekend I suggest you book for later in the summer, you won’t regret it.

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