Pura Vida

When I left for Greece in May, I promised myself that I would travel more, I spent too long focusing on work and not enough on seeing the world. In September I starting planning my next great adventure, Costa Rica 2016. We leave on January 1st, not a bad way to start the new year if you ask me.

Pura Vida, which means pure life in Spanish, is a common greeting in Costa Rica; instead of, “Hello!” the people of Costa Rica greet each other by encouraging each other to live life purely and to the fullest. I love that I’ll be spending the first days of 2016 embracing pura vida rather than nursing a hangover while watching Netflix… not that there’s anything wrong with that, that is my preferred way to spend most Sundays after all.

Thanks to Sunwing’s excellent discounts we managed to book 7 days at the stunning 5-star Dreams Las Mareas.


Dreams La Mareas Costa Rica

But, that’s not all! For two days during the trip we’ll be staying at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. During our stay at the Sloth Sanctuary (which I’ll be blogging about, right here!) We’ll be taking the Insider’s Tour: A 4-hour tour of the grounds where we’ll, “See tiny sloth newborns in the NICU, juvenile sloths in the Nursery, meet the famous Buttercup and more, including a canoe ride to see the sloths’ natural habitat.” Yep! I want all of that. So much.


Baby sloths are made of joy!

But, that’s not all! Sunwing offers excursions as part of their vacation packages so last week I booked the Mega Combo Buena Vista. We’ll start the day off at Buena Vista Lodge from there we head out on a hike through the primary forest with an incredible view of the Costa Rican canopy. To get back down? A 425 metre natural water slide down a mountain. After lunch we’ll ride to stunning waterfalls and a natural spa on horseback. I cannot wait! I’d leave now if I could. Like, right now. Unfortunately I have to wait. I. Am. So. Bad. At. Waiting.


Buena Vista Lodge

If you’re curious about Costa Rica, enjoy tropical vacations, or simply want to see what I get up to on my next trip follow along here and on Twitter with #SunAndShan.

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