My Book…

On my birthday this year I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Ashley sing, this was BEFORE proceeding to tempt fate by doing 1 shot for every year I’d been alive so you can trust my judgement; and during her beautiful cabaret Ashley sang a song called My Book.

You have to listen or you won’t understand what comes next…

After hearing my wonderfully talented friend sing this particular song, during a show that was titled, “The Bucket List,” I realized that I have been putting off my book for far too long. FAR. TOO. LONG.

After Ashley’s show I really got into it; writing every single day instead of just whenever I had time and there wasn’t a new episode or webisode or Oatmeal comic that I NEEDED see. But then life got in the way and my progress slowed…again.

Today I saw a post from a friend of mine about a project that he is planning on starting in 2013, he is going to live a completely sponsored life for the next year. Surely if my friend can change his entire life for the sake of his passions and curiosity than I can focus on something that I’ve been trying to write for the past 3 years, long enough to finish it… it probably won’t even take a year… right?

So I thought about it and I realized that I’ve been sharing my story through my Women’s Post column every week for years, I never have trouble getting a story out each week… OK sometimes I’m late but I never miss a week. If I can share my stories with you every week there than maybe I can share with you every week here… do you see where I’m going yet?

I’m going to share a chapter of my book with you here every week for as long as it takes to get to the end and when I get there I plan to put it all together and self publish. Maybe a publisher will even find me here… but if they don’t they don’t.

Here’s to challenges in 2013, here’s to making your dreams come true and here’s to never giving up.

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