Chapter 3 – Part 1

When the day came to leave for Windsor I awoke with butterflies in my stomach; I was nervous for so many reasons but there were two big reasons I was lying to my mother and I was going to see Colin for the first time in 2 and a half months. I’d already made the decision to leave home, I’d already made the decision to be with him and the closest thing we’d had to seeing each other since the trip was a mash-up of phone calls and MSN conversations. I was worried in ways that I had never been before.

We took to the road at 7AM complete with country music CDs for the long drive. We drove like our lives depended on it talking the entire time about how in love I was, how worried she was about our relationship and how much I needed to get away from my father.

About 2 hours into the drive we stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s, greasy and  delicious the sausage McMuffin calmed my nerves for a few moments that combined with a large coffee and Tim McGraw gave me a strange kind of clarity – if my best friend was willing to drive me this far just to meet Colin and help me in my quest to leave my father it had to mean something. I’m not sure why everything got clearer in that moment, but it did. Sitting outside of Port Hope eating food that was in no way good for me with someone I still love like a sister I was able to see things clearly for the first time since we’d gotten in the car. Everything was going to be OK because even though my whole life was changing I still had Tiff, I still had the music that made me feel at home and I still felt loved. Nothing and everything was changing. I was going to be with Colin in mere hours and that pang in my gut that I’d felt since the moment I had left him would finally go away.

When we finally arrived in Windsor, we pulled into the parking lot beside the school where Colin would be competing my heart started pounding and then I saw him. He had been waiting for us in the parking lot and he looked like everything I remembered but mostly it was his eyes, as always, that stood out he had the most beautiful blue eyes they were like the Pacific Ocean on a clear day and to this day I don’t think anyone has been able to stop me in my tracks with a look the day he could.

He didn’t have to be on the field until late in the afternoon so we decided to head to the mall for a little shopping and lunch; if I didn’t come home with a prom dress my mum would likely have a few questions.

When we got to the mall, even with Tiff there, I finally felt like a girlfriend after months of talking and talking and TALKING I was able to hold his hand and recommend which shirts looked best on him and which shorts he should buy. It didn’t hurt that Tiff loved him he charmed her the way he charmed everyone and as we sat down to lunch I knew he had her, I knew she would give me her blessing to leave.

To Be Continued…

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