Love a Heart – Save My Date

Love a Heart is 10 days away! Wow, does time ever fly we’re in the home stretch now.

Throughout the past month Lida Elias of Save My Date has been an absolute life saver. Save My Date is a unique Toronto service that provides couples with personalized dates experiences and marriage proposals. Umm, awesome!? We all know how hard it is to plan the perfect date especially for an anniversary, a birthday or a proposal… you know, the big ones. But Lida and Save My Date take all the effort out of planning a date she literally plans the entire date for you, all of it.

Toronto has a million and one things to do but sometimes it’s just too hard to plan so you end up going out for dinner and a movie for the umpteenth time. So Lida takes the work out of planning the date, takes your favourite things to do into consideration and BAM! wonderful night out hassle free.

smd_logoBut what does Save My Date have to do with Love a Heart? Lida has been working her contacts to get us date packages for Love a Heart so that all of the dates will come with a wonderful night out.

So the next time you’re trying to think of a date for you and yours take the worry out of all the planning and give Lida a call she’ll make sure your night is perfect.

And for anyone out there who wants to plan the perfect proposal, maybe after you meet the perfect person at Love a Heart, remember that Lida plans those too.

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