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I don’t know about you but I often find myself wondering where the boyfriend and I should go for dinner; more often than not we end up at Jack Astor’s or Milestones which is not ideal in a city full of amazing options but when you don’t know where to go it’s better to choose a place that won’t be great but won’t fail you either. Right? Wrong!

VTV Logo JPEG HiFor those of you who, like me, want to go to a lovely restaurant but would rather not spend your hard earned money on a restaurant that may or may not work out View The Vibe is your solution!

View The Vibe is a Toronto based service that gives a video-based first course to whet the appetite (see what we did there) of the viewer; kind of like a movie trailer for restos. View the Vibe takes the legwork out of finding a great place to eat in a city filled with more than a few options for dining out and provides you with the absolute best options for you.

I dated a chef once who told me that you eat first with your eyes; that excellent point is what led founder Nicki Laborie to create View The Vibe because while a picture says a thousand words video leaves no room for interpretation.

I’ve been an avid user of View The Vibe since they launched and it isn’t because my former editor and the man who first took a chance on my writing works there it’s because I am genuinely tired of playing guessing games when it comes to dinner decisions.

We’re so happy to have View The Vibe on board for Love a Heart this year, they’ve provided us with 3 gift certificates for AMAZING Toronto restaurants and a spa gift certificate for the intrepid Kerry Morrison’s date.

The newly launched spa portion of their website is just as good as the resto portion and I personally can’t wait to test out some tried and verified spas in Toronto… I’m going to need a massage and a mani/pedi once the event is finally done.

So big thanks to View The Vibe for helping us out with Love A Heart AND for saving me from boring dinner dates.

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  1. March 6, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    thanks for the info I’ll definitely return

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