Weekend at Viamede

We finally got our, much needed, weekend away! On Friday we left Toronto in what Boyfriend had affectionately deemed, ‘The Batmobile,’ because the car was a black Mazda 3 and all black cars should be referred to as The Batmobile, naturally.

When we finally arrived at 9 o’clock on Friday night we were starving and fortunately for us Viamede’s BoatHouse Pub was open; there is literally nothing bad I can say about the food at Viamede from the pub to the dining room everything is incredible. I have no pictures from our first night because we were famished and the minute the boat (get it) of deep fried pickles arrived they were gone; there is no time for foodstagraming when you’re HANGRY!

The next morning we dined on blueberry pancakes and french toast in the dining room and headed for a soak in the hottub and a steam in the sauna; it was at this moment that I really started to relax and feel better about how busy I’ve been lately.

Because I like to do things backwards after we hit the sauna we decided it was time to go for a hike around the resort. There are 6KM of private hiking trails surrounding Viamede and we enjoyed most of them with a game of left, right or straight – WILDERNESS EDITION! We got lost once or twice and may have ended up on someone’s property either that or we found a murder trailer… or I’ve seen Deliverance one too many times? I felt like I was a little girl again, exploring the woods around my grandparent’s farm house and climbing on top of rocks to declare myself queen of everything, yes I really did that.

Dinner that evening was as wonderful as the previous night, but this time we did it up like classy folk in the dining room.scallops

Everything from the delicate scallops to the thyme and lemon infused chicken was wonderful but I don’t think I’ve ever had a better dessert than the tiramisu cake and homemade goat’s milk cappuccino ice cream.


We were a little disappointed that the spa was closed for the month but when we got back to our room after dinner the staff had left us two self melting massage bars beside the in room jacuzzi. So instead of going out we spent the evening giving each other at home spa treatments…

All in all Boyfriend and I had an amazing time and we both really needed to get away for a couple days but what we’re really looking forward to is going back this summer; we’ve decided that we’re going to have a Jet Ski race, swim and BBQ at some point in July. I think in the Summer we’ll try and rent one of the cottages because Boyfriend has never been to a cottage and I’d love to share those first time memories with him.

I loved the seclusion of Viamede in the winter but I really can’t wait to see how much they have to offer in the summer season… or maybe I’m just really excited for +30 and sunshine?

Disclaimer: This weekend was provided to us by Charming Media for review.

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