#CanadianClub National Meeting

Have you met the Chairman yet? You may know him by his fine glass of Canadian Club Whiskey or you may know him by his oh-so-manly mustache OR you may know him by his ability to turn trees into canoes for twelve – whichever legend you’ve heard that made you fall in love with him it’s definitely full of truthiness.

On April 18th thanks to my friends at Praxis I’ll be heading to The Great Hall for the inaugural #CanadianClub National Meeting; if you know me you know how much I love whiskey and you can probably imagine how excited I am to hang out with the Chairman and have a couple glasses of the good stuff (neat).

The event promises to be all kinds of fun especially since #BoyBestie and #JLove will be in attendance, there will be whiskey for drinking and the food stuffs are inspired by the Chairman’s own five food groups; spoiler alert BACON is all five food groups. Whiskey AND breakfast beef?! This is the best event ever and I haven’t even gone yet.

Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday but just in case you’re not I give you my whiskey flavoured theme song…

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  1. April 2, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    I used to be a Jack Daniel’s girl. For years. I had to give it up after a while.

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