View the Pizza

Boyfriend and I were supposed to head off on a romantic weekend on Friday courtesy of Charming Media and Viamede Resort – that isn’t quite what happened though. Due to an issue with Discount Car and Truck Rental we weren’t able to get our rental Friday night and we didn’t make it to the resort – don’t worry though we’re going to head up on April 5th and I will blog all the amazingness right here.

Since we were unable to take a relaxing weekend we decided to head out for dinner & dessert on Saturday evening and thanks to a WONDERFUL tip from View the Vibe our night was saved. Because we were eating our angry feelings we decided to grab some pizza at Pizzeria Via Mercanti on the suggestion of View the Vibe. I had the Margherita pizza which was as good as any I had while I was in Italy and boyfriend opted for the glutenous Via Mercanti, a double layered pizza that was according to him – Pizzception. Yes, that is how he actually put it. After our pizza we walked in the direction of my condo to pick up a few things so I could sleep at his place but on the walk we stopped at SOMA Chocolate Maker for some gelato… they were out of pistachio but I made due with roasted almond.

Sunday after breakfast, still feeling a little put out, we decided to head to the Ontario Science Centre for the Game On 2.0 exhibit which was pretty much the best thing ever – seriously. sonic-the-hedgehog-title1I played Sonic for the first time in about 15 years, we played pong from the 70’s… it was all kinds of nerdy fantastic. Did you know that when they first developed Tomb Raider, Lara’s boobs were 150% smaller but a developer accidentally increased the size and the team liked it so much (SHOCK) that they kept it?! Me neither. The more you know…

After all the fun we curled up on the couch and watched Blue Valentine, which is probably the saddest movie ever… and I fell asleep on Boyfriend’s lap.

It wasn’t the weekend we had in mind but in the end we had pizza that reminded me of Capri and I got to play Sonic so it turned out pretty great.

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