27: Crossroad Blues

I love movies and I love comics made into movies – not just because I have a massive crush on Robert Downey Jr either. But more than both of those things I really love supporting the people in my life who are doing great things… So I would like to invite you to check out the crowdfunding campaign for 27: Crossroad Blues.

This project is backed by several amazing people; two of whom just happen to be some of my favourite people in the world. James Cooper & Yaw Attuah are talented, funny and driven men that I am incredibly lucky to have in my life and I would do just about anything to help them out – which is why I’m here blogging and hoping that you’ll be interested enough in what they have to offer to donate to their campaign.

For a short film 27: Crossroad Blues is very ambitious and as much as I want to support James & Yaw I also just really want to see it come to life… especially that devil face which sounds kind of epic. So if you have some spare change and you love movies (and comics made into movies) take a second and donate to a short that really deserves it.

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