Dear Mum…

Dear Mum,

I won’t be home on Mother’s Day this year, I won’t even be in the country because I’ll be flying off to a new opportunity an opportunity that wouldn’t ever have been possible without your unwavering faith and support.

I want to thank you, no I mean really thank you, from the time I was born you’ve told me I was beautiful, you’ve challenged me to be more, you’ve encouraged me to do anything I want because I’m yours and I am capable of anything.

DSC_0034a (2)Thank you for never giving up on me, even when I ran away as far as I could not once but twice. Thank you for teaching me that good enough is never good enough. Thank you for surviving cancer for me, I could never have made it past 17 without you. Thank you for listening to me cry, sometimes your Mum logic is the only thing that makes the world make sense. Thank you for finally standing up for yourself, I hated seeing you sad. Thank you for finding love again, you give me faith that real fairytale love exists. Thank you for teaching me that country music is life music and that if anyone makes fun of you for liking it you should probably just sing louder because they’ll join in eventually. Thank you for teaching me to be strong. Thank you for loving me.

I may not always be the best daughter in the world but you’ve been my rock through the terrible and the wonderful; you’ve sat with me when I’ve been sick, you’ve accepted me no matter how strange I seem to you. When my obsession with food grew dark you told me that I was beautiful, you told me that you couldn’t lose me to bulimia or anorexia and you’d be there with whatever I needed whenever I was ready. When I ran away to be with the first boy I had ever loved at seventeen you welcomed me back home when it inevitably ended. When my first love died you listened to me cry and told me that I would make it through. When I chose to terminate you told me you loved me and supported me, even if your religion told you that you shouldn’t. When I accepted a new job you shouted how proud you were at the top of your lungs for everyone to hear how proud you were of your only daughter.

You are the mother that every daughter deserves and I am so incredibly lucky to have you.

Love always,


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