Need a Little Long Weekend Action?

Remember when boyfriend and I disappeared to Viamede? Remember the food? I practically wrote sonnets about the food.

With the long weekend upon us I started tweeting with the lovely folks at Viamede only to discover that they have some serious specials going on for the long weekend.

The spa is back up and running, which I know Boyfriend and I would love to try out properly; there are kayaks and canoes to kayak and/or canoe around the lake, a giant staff organized waterfight AND free BBQ. It sounds like the perfect getaway for the long weekend. If Boyfriend and I were going I’m pretty sure I’d attempt to flip his kayak, or maybe just a canoe, if you haven’t been in a kayak before the flipping over can be a littler disorienting and I’m pretty sure drowning Boyfriend would be frowned on by resort staff… also then I’d have no one to play scrabble with.

The food at Viamede was beyond incredible so I imagine the BBQ is like the Food Network meets Epic Meal Time meets Austin eating… that’s what I’m envisioning for this BBQ and I’m fairly sure I’m accurate.

marine3So here’s the fantastic deal, if you didn’t click on the embedded link… you might have been interweb lazy, it happens – I do it too. If you book two nights you’ll get the third for half price and if you happen to have small people that follow you around and shout, “MOM!” at you, they stay and eat for free. Awesome!

If I had more time to plan and wasn’t landing on the tarmac at Pearson at 6AM Saturday I would be there in a heartbeat, Viamede is special, and to be honest a weekend of Kayaking, water fights, BBQ and massages doesn’t sound too bad to me. Maybe I’ll find a way to get there anyway… hmm.

pigsAlso have you seen the adorable pigs that now live on their farm?! I would go for the pigs alone. SQUEE!

So go to their website and book the perfect couples weekend away or the perfect family weekend away or hell the perfect solo weekend away. Just do something for yourself and get out there.

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