Friend of a Friend Matchmaking

Before I met Boyfriend I tried the online dating thing, only for a bit, and I never found anyone that was worth keeping around, ever. This isn’t to say that online dating doesn’t work because I actually know a lovely couple that met on e-harmony who just celebrated their 1 year anniversary AS A MARRIED COUPLE; so online dating can actually work. But more often than not online dating is a small step up from the world of reddit, OK maybe that’s an exaggeration but sometimes that’s how it feels.

I met a guy online once who wanted to date but never get physical because it might distract him from his work? Really dude? Either admit you’re probably not into gals, which is totally awesome unless you’re dating one; or commit entirely to work and skip the dating for a while. Then there was the guy who wore a hat in all his online pictures to hide his terrible receding hairline, that just felt like lying to me, also he was more boring than watching paint dry. Then there are the seemingly endless barrage of messages from creeps who, “Want 2 meet u IRL so we can get nakid baaby.” Umm… No. So very much no. ALL OF THE NOs.

Well ladies and gents of Toronto you can stop online dating, right now, stop it. Go to POF or OKC and delete your profile because my girl Sofi has you covered.  I met Sofi on twitter and later auctioned her off at #LoveAHeart 2 but long before we met I had been reading her blog and while her wit and charm will likely draw you in for me it was always her amazing ability to maintain a positive perspective on relationships and love. Sofi is the eternal optimist and for that I adore her. With that I introduce you to Friend of a Friend Matchmaking brought to you by Miss. Sofi herself.

friend-of-a-friend-revisedFor only $69 or $99 (with a face-to-face consultation) Sofi will take ALL of the hard work out of online dating and as an added bonus you won’t find out that you’re a 99% match with your best friend, cousin or high school teacher.

Everyone wants to fall in love, everyone wants to find that person they can have insane conversations about unicorns and otters with (that might just be me) but it isn’t always as easy as going to a see a movie with a friend and meeting someone in line who is almost as strange as you are.

Let my friend hook you up with a friend of a friend and I bet you’ll be happier than you ever were with the boys of OKC.

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