N9NE Gala

In two weeks I’ll be attending the N9NE Gala for The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund, you should join me.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund is a charity that helps breast cancer patients deal with the financial implications of their diagnosis; the physical strain of the disease is terrible enough but even in Canada were we have universal healthcare the financial strain of drug costs and weeks away from work are often too much for patients to cover. As shocking as it is almost 80% of the financial support that the CBCSF provides are to cover food and shelter costs during treatment; because let’s be honest if you had to choose between paying your rent and paying for your chemotherapy which would you choose?

As the daughter of a cancer survivor I am an ardent supporter of any cancer charities especially those that help patients directly in need of financial support. When my mother was sick she worked through her illness every day, it wasn’t easy but we couldn’t afford for her to take time so she kept her disease a secret for as long as she could, even going so far as to hide her diagnosis from her boss. It was a really difficult time for our family and a terrible time for my mum I am lucky to have a role model like her but I would have done anything to give her just a couple of weeks of rest while she went through the treatment – the CBCSF gives that to patients and for that I think they deserve all of our support.

Even if I wasn’t 110% in love with this new charity the N9NE Gala itself would be worth attending; the private party will be held on the patio of Stonegate Private Counsel.  Situated on a hidden rooftop in downtown Toronto, with 360 degree views of the city. Sitting atop of our beautiful city we’ll be treated to the sounds of Sonia Lee, who performed at the inauguration of President Obama, and Daniel Buckman, better known to the Toronto crowd as Bellosound. 

So on Wednesday June 19th I invite you to join me at the N9NE Gala for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dancing, beautiful views of the city, manicures by Lux Spa, lashes by Dollface Spa, a tarot card reader courtesy of Buytopia, and silent auction. For tickets and more information go to, http://n9negala.com/.

See you there.

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