The Little Things

This has been a weekend of bad news, terrible news and tragic news both on a personal level and a global level. My bi0-dad continues to attempt to make contact with me despite my pleas that he leave me alone, the Zimmerman trial was supposed to have a very different outcome and sometimes it all just seems like a little too much. Doesn’t the world owe us a few good outcomes? Just a few. Something that we can smile about.

So while the world seems to keep screwing up, seriously get your shit together universe, I choose to find a few good things to keep positive about.

Boyfriend and I spent the whole weekend together, we went for dinner where I managed to find an edible gluten-free burger, we spent Friday evening watching the Netflix original series Orange is The New Black, we walked along the beach, had mint-chocolate Klondike Bars and went to see Pacific Rim with two of my dearest friends.

Orange is The New Black is a darkly comedic portrayal of life in a federal women’s prison because in case you didn’t know being a lesbian and carrying suitcases full of drug monies will totally bite you in the ass. The beach is my favourite place in the world, I could sit in the sunshine by the water forever and not get tired of it. What would I do for a Klondike Bar? A LOT… nothing that would land me in lady jail but after walking 7KM in 30 degree heat I’d be willing to embarrass myself in a whole lot of ways if it meant icy, minty, melty goodness in my mouth. Pacific Rim is genius, it’s exactly what the trailers promised me it would be, giant robots punching giant aliens with a side of Ron Perlman being awesome.

But all of the awesome things are made infinitely more awesome when accompanied by Boyfriend and great friends; even if one of those friends may have accidentally outed my feelings for Boyfriend before I got a chance to vocalize them, but that’s another story for another day.


This is my happy face, enjoy my happy face.

So even though the universe is a little off kilter lately and it doesn’t seem to be taking requests from anyone with any semblance of sanity… there are A LOT of things worth smiling about, you just have to find them.

What keeps you smiling?

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