The To Do List

Last night Boyfriend and I went to an advance screening of eOne Films’ latest exercise in genius, The To Do List. Thanks to a Facebook contest we were able to see the film a full week before opening day. Woot!

I’m not going to include any major spoilers here, because mean, but I will say that The To Do List is the funniest female focused comedy I’ve seen since Bridesmaids.

1001026_597875880253230_316056586_nSet in 1993, a totally random and as it turns out incredibly hilarious year; The To Do List is the story of Brandy Klark young overachiever played by the delightful and slightly mad Aubrey Plaza who feeling sexually inexperienced sets out to experience EVERYTHING  that she missed out on in high school. With her BFFs by her side she embarks on a sexual journey that can only end when she has ‘intercourse’ with the oh-so-sexy Rusty Waters, played by Scott Porter.

I don’t want to go into any more details because I think you should see this film for yourself. Last night I was doubling over in my seat with laughter, actually slapping my knee – I didn’t even know that people did that in real life!? They do, or I did, it happens is what I’m saying. If you don’t believe me, check out the clip below.

The To Do List hits theatres on July 26 so call up your best friend, your boyfriend, your cousin, your girlfriend or literally anyone who likes laughing and nostalgia and go make a night of it. You won’t regret it and you’ll probably go home wondering if Topshop gets most of their ‘latest’ designs from 1993… OK maybe that part was just me.

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