Let’s Take a Trip

Have you been following along this summer? Then you know that things have been tough, really tough, but instead of whining about it again I’m trying to plan something that I can be excited about. 

Life is really busy right now; I’m still new to my strategy role at my new shop, Boyfriend is moving into a new apartment, I’m writing for 3 different publications and we both have family obligations to deal with so I can’t plan anything RIGHT away. We tried to plan a weekend trip to Montreal but it isn’t going to work out for August with all the other stuff we’ve got going on.

Here’s what I’m thinking, after Christmas from December 30 to January 4th I want to take Boyfriend somewhere tropical he’s never really been on a non-working vacation, I’ve never gone on a real couples-y type vacation and I think we could both use something really fun to look forward to.

I’m going to save up over the next couple of months and then check out the deals at Flight Centre and hopefully we’ll be able to take a tropical vacation to sunny Mexico or Cuba or Jamaica; to be honest I don’t care where we go I just want something new and exciting to look forward to. Even if I’m looking forward to something 4 months away.

I’ve never done the couples vacation, although I’ve see photo examples of how to do it on Facebook which lead me to believe that these things involve drinking, sunshine and A LOT of foodstagramming. Is that about it? Did I figure out couplecationing (a word I almost definitely just made up) in one paragraph? Go me.

beachWhen I was 15 my grandparents shipped me off to Mexico;  they told my mum I was going for a couple of weeks but when the tickets came we found out that I wouldn’t be flying back until a couple days before classes started. Mum was understandably upset but I felt like I was Baby and my life was Dirty Dancing, so I was obviously cool with it. The summer was amazing and it kindled a life long love affair between myself and Mexico, there’s even a tattoo on my rib cage that I got 5 years later to symbolize that love. Being able to take Boyfriend to Mexico and show him Manzanillo while sipping on Jamaica would make me unreasonably happy.

So that’s the plan, I’m going to save up and go on a trip to a tropical paradise. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t but even if it’s just a fantasy for now it’s nice to think about.

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