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jealousyBlogger envy is a real thing and it’s kind of terrible. When you think about it we’re all pretty damn lucky; we go to incredible parties, get free products and experience amazing things all because someone values our opinion enough to literally hand it to us.

I still have friends in Kingston and one of them asked me recently if all my friends and I ever did was go to awesome parties and do things for free. Really? That’s what you think I do? I’ll admit that I do get to do some amazing things, I’ve received some really awesome products and I’ve been to some bloody epic parties; but until someone puts it in perspective, it’s really easy to forget that these are things given to me freely and not things that I deserve just for being awesome.

I was totally jealous of some of my friends who went to Boots & Hearts this weekend because I’d pitched an event company about sending me MONTHS ago but in all honesty I should have just bought tickets.  At one point in time or another we’ve all (bloggers) said, “I wasn’t invited to that one,” sometimes with a pang of jealousy or a bit of sadness in our voices but in reality we probably went to an awesome party the night before or we’re on the list for some other amazing and different thing coming up.

Those of us who tweet, blog or just exist in this world of influence and privilege should count ourselves lucky! I’m not the most loved blogger or the most opinionated or the most fashionable but I’m included in this amazing world that sounds like a fairy tale to the friends I grew up with; I’m no different from those friends I just ended up somewhere different.

With TIFF coming up am I hoping to go to a couple of awesome events? Absolutely. Do I expect it? Nope. Will I get a little jealous of friends who get to do something really cool that I don’t? Maybe. OK, probably. But this time I’ll try a little harder to just be happy for them.

I’m an incredibly lucky girl to have been given so many opportunities and to have experienced so many amazing things since I moved to Toronto from the burbs of Kingston all those years ago. And I hope that there are more adventures, events, stories and rants to share with you in the future but I’m willing to bet that the best of those will be more about the wonderful friends I have and less about which brand took me out for drinks last night.

So cheers to all the killer bloggers in this city who take time out of their busy days to write, who go to events even when they’ve already worked a 14-hour day and who share their lives with the interwebs on a regular basis; I respect the hell out of all of you.

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  1. August 7, 2013 at 1:37 am

    Cheers fellow blogger!

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