I Know it’s Today…

Last Friday Yaw and I headed to the east end for yet another wonderful Ashley Gibson cabaret style show, this one about her dating life; having heard some of these stories over brunch (mimosas) I knew the show would be stellar and I was really glad that I was able to make it.

Photo by: Corbin Smith

Photo by: Corbin Smith

I love Ashley’s shows, I love how she combines stories and song in such a seamless way, I love that she shares herself with the entire room as if everyone watching was her closest friend and I LOVE how brave she is. I can barely get on the stage at #LoserKaraoke and this beautiful young woman stands on the stage and tells us about ‘that time she was engaged’ without so much as a blush.

Half way through the show Ash started a round of audience participation by asking us, “What is your break-up song?” Solid question, right? Yep. Everyone started shouting out answers but eventually Ash had to end that chat because you know, the show must go on (pun!).

But after the show we sat there discussing break up songs, for about an hour, and at some point we all started singing. We sang songs by Brittany Spears, country songs, 80’s songs, 70’s songs, 90’s songs eventually we landed on Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart which was unanimously agreed on as the best break up song of all time. Because, feelings. 

Going to see one of Ashley’s shows is like getting an intimate look at her soul and it’s beautiful, I don’t see her as often as I’d like but I am SO proud and happy to call her a friend.

Ash – you’re amazing, never stop doing what you do, never stop being you and always remember that you’re loved… you may be single girly but you’re surrounded by mega love from some fan-fucking-tastic people.

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