Date Night

Last night was date night for Boyfriend and I; we try and see each other as much as we can but with busy lives and jobs that’s a little more difficult during the week and requires a little extra planning.

Thanks to Eligible Magazine who ran a contest, that I won, a couple weeks ago  we had $100 gift card to spend at The Keg so we did dinner AND a movie, which is perfect for Boyfriend because he loves movies and we often joke that his inner person is the chubby German kid from the Simpsons – which is my super nice way of saying he LOVES food.

This is Boyfriend being a dork.

This is Boyfriend being a dork.

As it turns out The Keg is awesome for the gluten free crowd, they have a separate menu with their GF options and a manager hand delivers everything as a quality control method. Shannon, the manager at The Keg on York Street in Toronto was wicked, she came over to talk to me about my allergy and make sure that I knew that this was a safe place to eat. With the ‘Shannon friendly food’ discussion out of the way straight off the bat Boyfriend and I were able to spend our dinner discussing more important things like who was in fact a bigger dork. Me, it’s definitely me, but only because I’m super strange and awkward…Only that eh?

 We walked from the restaurant to Varsity where we watched Fruitvale Station at Varsity VIP. Would you like a glass of red to go with your movie?! Yes, please.

Fruitvale Station is a beautiful movie it’s heartbreaking and tragic but that’s why you should watch it. Let it break your heart, walk away teary eyed and sad just don’t walk away silent because this is a film that was made to be talked about.

My favourite thing about date nights with Boyfriend is that we can go from play fighting in the park and declaring that we’re being ‘romantical’ as we hold hands to talking about politics and gun laws; it’s what makes us work because when I’m with him I’m all of myself not just the Unicorn I tell people I am.

Date night ended with a kiss on the subway platform as we jetted off, that’s a literary term it was the TTC there was no jetting, to our respective homes for the evening.

I went to bed happy and I woke up smiling.

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  1. July 31, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    So what you’re saying is this is an actual depiction of Boyfriend’s inner person ->

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