Yesterday I hit up Toronto’s Festival of Beer, as it is formally and officially known, with Yaw and Nus when we arrived we ran into several more friends including the lovely Ashley, the gorgeous Shankell and the somewhat elusive Reggie. So right away the event was off to a pretty excellent start, especially since I was wearing my cowboy boots and humming Jason Aldean tunes.

936495_681843086761_1483811175_nNow for those of you who have been paying attention, upvotes for all of you, I’m gluten free these days so you would think that a festival dedicated to a delicious golden elixir that I’m no longer allowed to enjoy would pretty much suck; fortunately for me the brewers had LOADS of gluten free friendly drinks on display. My favourite replacement for beer is cider and there were LOADS of those available for us to try, my two picks of the day would have to be the Thornbury Cider made from delicious Ontario apples and the Foundry Golden Cider which is a more traditional English cider.

970646_681769055121_1042657969_nDespite my preference for cider I did try one REALLY great gluten free beer by Nickel Brook Brewery that actually, I kid you not, tasted like beer. Typically a gluten free beer tastes kind of like leaves and paste with a side of water, so like an American beer, but this was like a real beer. The best part? I got to try it for free because Yaw & Nus won a SUPER manly challenge that involved holding a 2-4 without dropping it or bending their arms, all the other dudes failed and had to set their case down.

All in all it was a great day spent with people that I love so Beer Fest was once again a total win. If you didn’t make it this year I highly recommend getting your tickets early next year and making a day of it.


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