Shiny Things

Jewellery is one of my favourite things; I don’t have much that I wear daily aside from my claddagh ring  and a seashell necklace that I bought off Etsy, because I love the ocean, but last month I won a bracelet on the Jeff Morrison Fine Jewellery Facebook page.

jeff morrissonToday my brand new favourite shiny thing arrived, the piece is a very simple heart charm bracelet and it’s sublime. It’s the kind of thing I’d want Boyfriend to buy me for a birthday or an anniversary, it’s the kind of thing I’d buy myself for a job well done, it’s the kind of thing I’d buy my best friend just to tell her how much I love her. It’s perfect.

When I was little I used to have a charm bracelet that had belonged to my mum when she was younger, it had tons of charms from throughout her life and I loved it more than I loved all of my stuffed creatures combined. I don’t know where that bracelet is these days, I’ve moved, Mum has moved and I’m sure it got lost in the shuffle of life but I’ll never forget how important it was; the tennis racket charm sticks out in my mind because it was mum’s favourite, proof that she’d always been a super star even before her children told her so.

While this bracelet has less history it is no less lovely, when it arrived today I put it on and immediately fell in love; the subtle braided chain feels so delicate on my wrist and the sparkling silver heart is a small reminder to never be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve… however literally.

This is my first Jeff Morrison item but I’m sure I’ll be purchasing many more in the future. For anyone who has a Grace Kelly or an Audrey Hepburn in their lives give Jeff Morrison a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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