Project AK-47

Let me start with a note: This post has nothing to do with guns, gun violence or my opinions on guns it is so named because Anna Kendrick’s twitter handle happens to be @AnnaKendrick47; so there you go I’m not talking about anything important, read on at your own risk.

Now, you’ve all seen those videos that instantly go viral, the ones with the soldier or the awkward kid begging a celeb to join them at a ball or prom or homecoming or something that is eventful and not at all lame. 

Well my friend Yaw wants to go out with a celebrity too, not for fame or fortune or even to end up as a human interest segment on the Today Show… nope he’s just tired of the single life and he happens to think, along with the rest of the world, that Anna Kendrick is a fox with mad skills. 

So I’m acting as his bloggy yenta and we’re asking Anna out together, I would not be present on any subsequent dates, via my sometimes kinda sorta popular blog.

We even made a vide0, he made it at my instruction I wasn’t there I’m actually sitting at my desk drinking Diet Coke wishing I could flip cups and be besties with Rebel and Aubrey too.

So Anna, will you go on a date with this lonely but oh-so-gorgeous Canadian boy?! He promises to take you some place super fancy for tacos – tacos are fancy right?

  One thought on “Project AK-47

  1. Shaan
    August 22, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    Seven Lives Tacos in Kengsington.
    Tell Sean that Shaan sent ya… they will treat you right

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