10 Reasons to Have Tacos With Yaw

Hey Anna,

It’s me again, I know you’re probably tired of all of my tweeting & blogging but I have a goal in mind and you have to respect that. RESPECT IT! So I thought I’d help you make your decision by making a top 10 list, the internet LOVES top 10 lists just ask Buzzfeed.

10. He’s fit, seriously lady check out those abs. I don’t know Zac Efron but I bet when he works out his goal is to get abs like Yaw’s.

yaw fit

9. He will totally pay for your tacos, not because he’s super rich but because he’s a classy gentleman. 

8. He is nice to his mother, that is important Anna, you can’t date a boy who doesn’t treat his mother properly because those boys are probably sociopaths that kick puppies after being mean to their mothers.

7. He has a job, he’s a for real grown up and stuff.

6. He will totally skip down the street with you while you rap 90’s tunes, because he’s comfortable in his masculinity… and rapping down the streets is what all the cool kids are doing these days. Trust me.

5. He was once mistaken for Mr. T, it was at a Halloween party but it was no less legit. mr.t

4. He’s a SASSY BITCH!

3.  ABS!

2. Yaw will ALWAYS get dessert with you, so long as it’s The Yaw Experience at Cold Stone Creamery… it’s worth it because it basically tastes like someone put baby unicorns in a cup and slathered them with rainbows. For real.

1. Fresh dance moves.

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