Facebook Listens… No Really!

Today Facebook announced that promotions on brand pages no longer have to be administered via an app! Woot! This is great news and I may have definitely sent an all staff encouraging my team members to rejoice and toast things with libations. In other news I’m incapable of announcing anything in any way other than the most dorky of ways.

This is huge news for brand pages especially the smaller ones who simply don’t have the budget to hire a developer and pay for a full build; charities with limited resources and budgets are probably jumping up and down right now… shut up! They might have a Shannon type in their office.

It also means, thanks for the reminder Jon Crowley, that without an expensive microsite build that feeds into an app we will have mobile friendly contests. According to Inside Facebook, 9.4 million Canadians access Facebook with their mobile device, considering that there are only 34.48 million people in Canada that number is not insignificant. Where Twitter has always been a mobile first company Facebook has lagged in that area, this latest decision is a user friendly move that will please fans and advertisers alike.

But the thing that I love most about this announcement is that it lets advertisers know that Facebook listens to us, building expensive apps for one off contests or promotions is inefficient and clunky – maybe I just got some great tickets to some amazing event and I want to thank my fans for being awesome?! Well now, finally, I don’t have to resort to a retweet contest to run it. Bitch’n.

I’m going to go nerd out now.


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