Yesterday evening I joined several friends at the #MeetMotoX launch party for the all-new Moto X from Motorola.

I’m a huge fan of Motorola and Android, last year I was gifted a Motorola RAZR at a similar event and I still use it to this day. I’ve gotten in more than one fight with friends and Apple fanboys alike about how Android tech is superior to iOS and while I don’t always win I always put up a serious fight.

The Moto X is full of shiny new android technology including a fun voice feature that we were encouraged to test out, “OK Google Now, direct me to the CN Tower,” was the sample question and while there was a wee bit of lag time, which we attributed to the loud room full of excited tech worshipers, it worked really well.

There’s also a battery saving feature that shows you when there’s a text, email or missed call on screen so that you don’t have to wake your phone up to see what kind of notification is waiting for you – awesome. Did you know we wake our phones up an average of 60 times a day just to see what’s going on? That’s a serious drain on your battery.

The absolute best part of the evening had to be arguing with Guy Kawasaki about how to pronounce GIF, seriously that happened. Also the food, the food was pretty excellent.

The Moto X is exclusive to Rogers in Canada but I can’t wait until it’s available on other networks because I will DEFINITELY be picking one up. My phone is almost a year old that’s like a bijillion in phone years.

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