In a post cronut burger world, some brands still aren’t afraid to have a little fun with food or at least Taco Bell isn’t afraid to. Today Taco Bell Canada announced the launch of the Doritos Locos Taco, if you’ve been absent from the internet for the past year the Doritos Locos Taco is a taco shell made out of Doritos. Nom?

taco_bell_doritos_tacoshellI love food, even the weirdy you probably shouldn’t try this but you know you want to kind of food, so I’m excited about the idea even if I probably won’t try it. I didn’t try the Double Down either, because I was afraid.

Taco Bell has always been ahead of the curve with their social strategies and I love the way they’ve launched this particular product; they invited fans who had tweeted about the #DLT begging for them to be available in Canada and offered them the opportunity to try it first. Awesome.  Capturing a surprise and delight moment on camera is not a new concept but when it’s done well it can be a wonderful thing.

Good on you Taco Bell Canada, I bet those 1 million tacos will be gone a lot faster than you think they will.

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