How excited am I for TIFF? Very. Seriously a lot. ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT. I love how Toronto comes alive during the festival, I love the fashion, I love the energy but most of all I love that my city becomes the thing of legends and stories.

TIFFOn Saturday I’ll be hitting up my first TIFF gifting lounge thanks to the fine folks at TDot TV; for a small town transplant the gifting lounges still hold a certain mystique, I still get stars in my eyes when I see all the glitz and the glamour. If you told 16 year old me that 10 years later I’d be hitting celebrity gifting lounges, going to glamorous parties and being treated to special events I would have looked at you like you were nuts. I always thought that I would do great things, I always knew I’d find my way but I never could have imagined all the wonderful things that social media would bring into my life.

The TDot TV Lounge is a popular one and always super fun and I’m so excited to be attending this year especially since some of my favourite brands are sponsoring the event; Gallo Family Wines, Bite Bar, Nella Bella and the always close to my heart HSF will be in attendance among many others.

I can’t wait to share my weekend adventures with you who knows what will happen the city is full of magic this week.

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