#TDotTV Lounge Experience

This weekend was all #TIFF all the time, seriously guys it was amazing and exhausting all at once. I usually work TIFF because my clients often sponsor events and lounges but this year I got to do a little TIFFing on my own; I hit the CFC BBQ, a Hollywood Reporter Party, the Melissa DiMarco suite, the Mongrel Media party and the #TDotTVLounge and while it was all wonderful nothing was quite as elegant as the #TDotTVLounge.

Mark Belford and Michelle Merizzi.

Mark Belford of Mark Belford Couture and Michelle Merizzi of MMCrystal.

We walked in to the King Blue Condos Presentation Showroom and were immediately met with smiles from the warm and inviting staff who suggested that we try a few mimosas on this rainy Saturday; well pull my rubber arm ladies I’ll have one. After acquiring a cocktail we began to look around the lounge which was sponsored by some amazing brands but nothing was quite as wonderful to me as meeting Mark Belford and Michelle Merizzi of Mark Belford Couture and MMCrystal. The pair have known each other for years and recently decided to work together outfitting women with couture gowns and jewels, the result is nothing short of stunning and when the lovely Michelle put a blue crystal ring on my finger that reminded me of the diamond necklace in Titanic. Do you remember the heart of the ocean? This was a more beautiful, more modern version of that in a ring; I’m about 99% sure if my mum had seen it she would have cried, she really likes rings my mum.


Jewelry by Michelle Merizzi.

We had an amazing time at the lounge between the food, the people and the drinks I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect event to start off my weekend of TIFF.

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