Ice Ice Amish, Baby!

On Tuesday I headed to a special pre-screening of DIY Network’s new show, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish. Yep, that’s a for real show and that’s really the name. I went assuming that I would probably enjoy mocking Vanilla Ice being ridiculous and, hopefully, rapping about the difficulties of Amish life; I left with an appreciation for the Amish people and a new found respect for Mr. Ice and a new show to somewhat guiltily add to my PVR.

I arrived at the screening around 6PM and met up with my buddy Jeff who enjoys ridiculous things almost as much as I do, he was wearing an Oregon Trail t-shirt which felt somewhat planned and totally appropriate. We enjoyed some Trius wine and snacks before the show started, prior to seeing the actual show I kind of assumed that Vanilla Ice Goes Amish would be better with at least a minor buzz.

jeff amishRight before the screening started Vanilla Ice himself showed up to introduce the show, and compliment Jeff on his t-shirt, before he sat down to watch it with us; he sat right in front of us and as we were watching the show he provided Jeff, Jesse and I with what was essentially a director’s commentary version of the show. Did you know that the Amish consider zippers a modern convenience? I didn’t; the history of the zipper goes back to 1913 which doesn’t exactly scream modern to me but they’re serious about it and all of their pants have a two flap button system which according to Vanilla Ice, you don’t ever get used to.

iceiceamishThe show was funny, has a lot of a heart and is a really interesting peak into a society that most of us don’t know much about. Vanilla Ice Goes Amish premieres this Sunday at 10PM on DIY Network Canada, before you brush it off as a totally ridiculous show give it a shot, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes your new guilty pleasure.

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  1. October 10, 2013 at 10:13 am

    Shannon, that’s a great write up. I feel the same way! I mean, Vanilla Ice was such a part of my childhood (sic: Ninja Turtles Movie Franchise) that I wanted him to do well. However, I was skeptical, until I laughed and “awww’d” my way through the premiere episode. I kind of want to see what my parents would say when they watch it… HAHA Sunday viewing party! With Apple Pie and Maple Butter. HOLLA!

  2. October 10, 2013 at 10:16 am

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