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Thanks to the team at Tdot TV and their unbelievable TIFF lounge last month I was introduced to Soya Boutique. Soya is a skin care brand developed by former model, and downright stunner, Melani Chong. Melani worked as a model for many years and found that the frequent travel had a terrible effect on her skin, so she started making her own products that would be softer and more gentle on her skin; after becoming a mother and deciding to leave the modeling business Melani went back to school where she studied Cosmetic Science and Technology. Soya Boutique evolved from Melani’s extensive knowledge of the beauty industry, her passion for safe natural products and a desire to decrease the number of products on her vanity table.

Cayman Sugar Scrub

Cayman Sugar Scrub

I’ve waited over a month to share my review with you because I wanted to know if Soya Boutique really worked; I wanted to know that a natural product could be both safe and effective and now I do, I’ve been using Soya Boutique products since September and I can say with confidence that my skin has never looked or felt better. Seriously, I made my girlfriend Alex touch my face to prove how well the product works… she thought it was a little weird but agreed that my skin was baby soft.

The Soy Emulsive Cleanser is a vegan friendly, soapless cleanser that both cleans your skin and removes make-up effortlessly; I’ve been using the Emulsive Cleanser on a daily basis and it really, really works. If you’re searching for a natural product that will keep your skin soft and glowing during the winter months I could not recommend a product with more fervor than the Soy Emulsive Cleanser.

If you’re constantly dealing with dry or rough skin the Cayman Sugar Scrub is definitely what you need, the organically enriched ingredients  will leave your body feeling soft and moisturized. Plus, it smells fantastic without using harmful perfumes.

Vitamin C Soy Tightening Serum

Vitamin C Soy Tightening Serum

After cleaning and scrubbing nothing brightens your look quite like the Vitamin C Soy Tightening Serum, I’ve struggled with blemishes and acne like most women and with the Vitamin C Serum that is an issue of the past, I still get the occasional break-out but they are a shadow of what they have been in the past.

As we get older our skin becomes more of a priority; between 16 and 25 I would use basically anything on sale at Shoppers that claimed it would clear my minor break-outs. While this wasn’t ever a good tactic I never had such serious acne that spending money on the more expensive stuff seemed worth it. Now I’m 26, I work long hours and it often shows on my face so I’m making the investment in better products for me. While Soya Boutique isn’t cheap, it isn’t so over-priced that I feel like it’s out of my league and while my body may change as I get older this is the face I have until I die so I’m going to try and make it look as good as I can.

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