Brazen Razor

I love trying new products, especially new beauty products, so when my friend Jeff asked if I wanted to try his pal Thea’s line of soaps and perfumes I jumped at the chance. As with my review on Soya Skin I really wanted to try the product before saying anything about it so I’ve been using Brazen Razor for a couple of months now.

Brazen Razor is a funky little Toronto company owned and operated by Thea Vincent-Geurtsen. A young woman with a hell of a sense of style, Thea has put her own slightly edgy spin on soaps and beauty products with Brazen Razor; her products are floral meets punk which is the perfect representation of her in all her pink dreadlock, bicycle loving DJing badass glory.

Cameo perfume lockets by Brazen Razor.

Cameo perfume lockets by Brazen Razor.

I tried several products from the Brazen Razor line but I want to tell you a bit about my favourites; I’ve been wearing Ralph Lauren perfume since I was 18 so getting me to try a new scent is more than a little difficult but I gave the Poison Perfume Oil line a shot and I was pleasantly surprised! I fell in love with the Deadly Nightshade oil, a slightly spicy earthy scent that sits delicately on the skin and doesn’t overpower the senses. If you’re looking for a new scent I highly recommend trying the Poison Perfume Oil line; but if you’re looking for a sweet scent to carry around with you try the perfume lockets which manage to be gorgeous and smell amazing all at the same time.

The other product that had me smiling was the rosemary and peppermint Shampoo Soap  which smells amazing and lasts an incredibly long time; because I rock a pixie cut I have to take incredibly good care of my hair, no ponytails or headbands can hide a bad hair day, so this product fit right into my bathroom routine. Also I had a lot of fun rubbing a bar of soap on my head, seriously.

If you live in the Toronto area and are trying to live a clean, organic, vegetarian life give Thea’s line a try. I promise you won’t regret it and you’ll get a kick out of the adorkable branding.

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