VIP Pinot Grigio

VIP-Bottle-ShotI came home last week to a visit from the wine fairy, the wine fairy is literally my favourite fairy, when I arrived home there was a beautiful bottle of VIP Pinot Grigio waiting for me with concierge. I had tasted the VIP brand at the Charming Media Holiday Lounge last month but having an entire bottle to enjoy to myself was a special treat.

I’m usually a red drinker, to be honest I’m almost exclusively a red drinker, unless I’m enjoying a white sangria with blueberries in the summer; because white sangria is a delicious concoction of awesome. But having already tried, and enjoyed, the VIP Pinot Grigio I decided to give this white a chance; honestly I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I do a nice glass of Malbec or Shiraz. There’s something about a big glass of red after work that is really just, perfect. But I gave the VIP a chance and I was pleasantly surprised, I loved it; I mean really LOVED it.

VIP Pinot Grigio is a lovely dry white wine that manages to be sweet with a slightly fruity taste without ever trying too hard. The wine is subtle, sweet and balanced – I’m using some seriously fancy wine type words here but a bottle as lovely as this deserves at least a few fancy words.

I can’t say that I know how to review wines, I love wine but I’m no sommelier, all I can really say is that I loved this particular wine and if a red drinker falls in love with a white that should mean something. Right?

If you’re headed to your in-laws for the holidays and you want to bring a wine that won’t break the bank I recommend the VIP Pinot Grigio or if you’re still a red person Apothic Red. Both of them are affordable, delicious and so exquisitely branded that no one will ever assume you spent less than $20 on impressing them.

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