Dear Mayor Ford…

Dear Mayor Ford,

This is not the least you can do. An apology is the least you can offer when you step on someone’s toes, when you accidentally bump into a stranger on the street or when you eat the last pickle and leave the jar in the fridge, these are things were the LEAST you can do is apologize. Repeatedly lying to the people of Toronto, accusing reporters of lying and accusing the police chief of having a vendetta against you all while you smoked crack and drank yourself into a stupor behind our backs, and on film, deserves more than an apology. We deserve your resignation not in 6 months when charges are laid but right now Mr. Mayor.

I don’t know if you know this, you’re probably not reading this but I’m going to act like that is something you might actually do, but I’m not from Toronto I adopted this city in 2006 and I’ve never looked back. Toronto is my home I love this vibrant city; the arts, the Food & Wine Show, The EX, Pride Parade, TIFF, The Leafs, The Blue Jays, the people, the waterfront, my friends, my neighbors, the food, the culture, the community, Kensington Market and everything that I’m not thinking of right now because I’m too angry to think straight. I LOVE Toronto. But every day since May 24, when you denied the existence of the video, has been an embarrassing one because the city I CHOSE voted for a loud, hateful, drunk who called Justin Trudeau a fag and smoked crack on video. By the way, you have yet to apologize for what you said about Mr. Trudeau and that too is something you owe Toronto and Justin himself.

I’m angry right now and I think everyone in this city should be too; this isn’t a joke this is the magistrate of this city, you, looking into a camera and admitting to smoking crack while so black out drunk you didn’t know what you were doing. This is enough, I have HAD ENOUGH, you’ve made a mockery of the city I love and I want your resignation.

Leave the office of the mayor with your head held as high as it will go, do not leave it in handcuffs Mr. Mayor; give yourself and the people of this wonderful city some semblance of dignity amidst this flurry of humiliating news.

This is no longer about politics, although it is no secret that I disagree with yours, this is about the 2.5 million people who proudly call Toronto home. I think we can all agree that you are unworthy of your post as mayor not just because you choose to smoke crack cocaine with drug dealers and criminals but because when you had the opportunity to tell us the truth you lied, you pointed fingers at other people and called them liars when you knew that they were honest people just trying to do their jobs.

Mr. Mayor you’ve done enough damage to Toronto, let us heal from the blows you’ve dealt us while you get the help you so desperately need.

Thank you.

Shannon Hunter

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