Michael’s on Simcoe

Finding a dating spot in the city can be impossible, sure we’ve all got our favourite spots but finding somewhere that is the perfect mix of romance and good food is never easy. Last week I joined several other Toronto bloggers and media folk at Michael’s on Simcoe for the launch of their new menu and after an incredible meal accompanied by several glasses of Moet I’m fairly convinced that Michael’s may just be the perfect spot for a dinner date.

The venue has a subtly modern design with hints of classic, exposed stone walls mix expertly with the cool lighting and soft furnishings. But it’s the menu that will have you raving; we were treated to oysters, steak tartar, tuna crudo and a to-die-for squash risotto before even touching the decadent desserts.

It’s rare that you find a place that has the atmosphere and the menu to please both you and your date, in this city it’s easy to choose wrong if you aren’t careful; some restaurants have great food but play their music too loud to even bother attempting any real kind of conversation and some restaurants have the atmosphere nailed but can’t seem to get the food quite right. With more and more restaurant owners praising their own locations on Yelp I’ve lost faith in most customer review sites.

michaels1Whether it’s the first date or the 100th Michael’s has what you’re looking for; after a year and a bit with Boyfriend we often find ourselves struggling to think of a new place to go, most of our dates end up being with friends or at an event so when it comes to our date nights it’s important that we choose right. Of course I always have fun with Boyfriend, we could have the worst dining experience of our lives and we’d still manage to salvage the evening. But why should we have to?

If you’re single and dating there’s something to be said for having a go-to spot for the all important first date, it takes the pressure off of finding somewhere that is impressive, satisfying, delicious and manages to stay within a reasonable price range. I’d rather spend my time worrying about what I’m going to wear than where we’re going to eat, wouldn’t you?

I love dating in Toronto but the ample selection can make everything so complicated; single or taken having a restaurant you know and trust to be excellent makes it easier to enjoy yourself and your partner.

oystersIf you do try Michael’s on Simcoe I’d suggest a champagne and oysters to start your evening, it’s classy, sexy and drinking sparkles is always a good way to start your evening. Afterwards, you probably shouldn’t yell out, “Romance, bitches.” I learned that the hard way your date might like it but odds are the servers won’t or they’ll laugh and think you’re weird – it goes either way.

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