Toronto Taste 2014

Do you have plans on Sunday? Are those plans the most awesome possible plans you can think of? Because if they aren’t you need to head to Toronto Taste.

Toronto Taste is basically the foodie version of heaven; a food and cocktail event with 70 amazing food and beverage vendors, celebrity chefs, all in the stunning Corus Quay building overlooking the lake. All proceeds from Toronto Taste go to support Second Harvest, a food rescue service that delivers fresh healthy surplus food to those in need.

Food rescue is a very interesting concept; when you have money or more food than you need it’s so easy to throw it away rather than let it go bad. But what if instead of throwing it in the garbage and wasting perfectly good food we gave it to people who actually needed it? Since their inception Second Harvest has delivered over 90 million pounds of good, healthy, quality food to the people who need it most. Second Harvest delivers primarily perishable foods, which happen to be the most difficult to pay for when food costs seem insurmountable, directly to more than 200 social service agencies.

If you’d like to help this wonderful charity AND have a great Sunday in the city tickets are only $250, you’ll be given a tax receipt for $125, and can be purchased here. You’ll be in great company some of Toronto’s finest restaurants are lending their chefs to Toronto Taste for the night including, Buca, Nota Bene, Globe Bistro, Drake One Fifty and so many more including my personal favourite Mark McEwan.

Go out, eat, drink, be merry and help some people who need it more than you do.

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