It’s Been so Long…

I feel like it’s been forever since I blogged, guys! In reality it’s been two months which is basically forever in the world of blogging. It’s not that I don’t like writing or that I haven’t wanted to keep up with the lovely people who take the time to read my blog it’s that I’ve been incredibly busy. Not regular busy but travelling all over the country for work busy, I don’t think I’ve been home for more than 3 weeks since the summer started, that’s how crazy it’s been. As I type this I’m in Vancouver on my way to Squamish tethering from my Samsung in the back seat of a rented Cadillac. Life. Is. Busy. 

So aside from work what’s been going on? Boyfriend and I are still good; we’ve a few bumps and bruises lately but that’s mostly due to the stress of never seeing each other and him currently looking for a new place… apartment hunting in Toronto SUCKS! But relationships go through ups and downs and if you can’t deal with the downs then your relationship is pretty much doomed anyway. It’ll be two years in September and I’m already thinking of presents, I kind of killed it with the custom muppet for his birthday and now I’m not entirely sure how to top it. Does anyone know how to get him on the set of the Pacific Rim Sequel? If not I think I’m going to have to shell out for the new iPad… because really that’s all I can think of. Giving good gifts is awesome at the time but super problematic when you have to top yourself. 

20140712_221312I’ve seen more country music this summer than I have since I hit up Bayfest for Tim Mcgraw and Brad Paisley four years ago; both of whom I’ve been lucky enough to see again this year. While in Calgary for work I was able to see Keith Urban who somehow always provides the absolute best concert going experience. Every time I’ve seen him he’s given away his guitar to someone which while awesome seems like it might add a bit to the tour budget. Fortunately I still have a few shows left before the summer ends thanks to the Country Megatickets my girl Shankell and I bought; Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and Rascall Flatts are still to come and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s like I said to the Universe, “Hey Universe, I would like all the country music please.” and the Universe was all like, “You can haz.” 

I was lucky enough to attend an MMVA gifting lounge in June thanks to Vocab Communications and as a result I’m now obsessed with two things: Mary Kay CC Cream and Mary Kay at Play Triple Layer Tinted Lip Balm. Before heading to the lounge you couldn’t have convinced me that Mary Kay was a product that I couldn’t live without. Now if you tried to take any of my Mary Kay products away I would probably hit you in the face… not hard but there would be some violence. The CC Cream is officially the best foundation style makeup I’ve ever used, it’s light and keeps my face from looking or feeling too heavy with makeup and it has SPF 15 to keep away the face wrinkles. The Mary Kay at Play Triple Layer Tinted Lip Balm hasn’t left my bag since I received it; with just enough colour and no stickiness it’s the perfect balm for a natural but not granola look. 

Jersey dog is wonderful as always and aside from feeling like a part-time resident of Toronto lately life is pretty great. 

I promise not to stay away so long next time loves! But if you need or want more of my work remember that I write for View The Vibe on the regular. 


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