IN-N-OUT Burger is COMING…

For one day only. Sorry for the click-baity headline but I was really excited, mostly because of burgers. The fact is the famous and totally delicious California chain will be bringing their burgers to Toronto; you’ll be able to find their beefy goodness (couldn’t resist… sorry) at Osteria Dei Ganzi at 504 Jarvis Street, between from 11AM – 3PM. 

While Toronto has plenty of great burger joints, The P&L Burger, Holy Chuck Burger and BQM come to mind immediately but there’s something about some American fast food spots and burger shoppes that drive us Canadian’s wild with envy. Even though we know they aren’t the healthiest of folk we just want in on some of that burger action. 

Tomorrow you’ll be able to try the Double-Double Burger which is double the meat and double the cheese for double the delicious. Also on offer the Animal Style Burger which has a mustard cooked beef patty; since mustard is king of the condiments I’m most curious about this one. And for those who don’t need bread with their meat, you’ll be able to pick up a Protein Style Burger, which wraps your favourite burger in leafy lettuce embrace.

So when you head for lunch on Thursday you should probably tell your boss you’ll be a while… or just take the afternoon off and enjoy.  

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