2014 Notable Awards

As most of you know, I love my job, I really, really do. I get to spend my days talking to new people, coming up with strategy and tweeting lyrics (OK, that only happened once). But overall I’m really lucky to be able to work in such a cool environment. This past summer I went from Toronto for the MMVAs, to Calgary for the Stampede, to Montreal for Osheaga and finally to Vancouver for Squamish Festival – all so I could make sure that people saw what we were doing via their social networks. I’m really lucky to do what I do.

And now, Notable.ca, has recognized me for my work with a nomination for a 2014 Notable Award in the social media category. Social media management can be a tough gig sometimes, my mum and my brother barely understand what I do, most people think that all I do is tweet all day and play on the internet. Being recognized for the thought, effort and strategy I put into my work, means so much to me.

10525889_890517427639919_6786378950145464220_nThe nomination is a huge compliment! But I’m a competitive person, so I need your votes, to make sure that I make it to the finals. If you love my blog, follow my work with View the Vibe, have read my column at Women’s Post, enjoy following me on twitter, have attended #LoveAHeart, or have followed my career in any way, I would appreciate your vote.

You can vote by heading over to Notable.ca, the nominees are all right there including yours truly. While you’re at it check out my friends, Shannon Kelly, Julio Reyes, Jen McNeely, Paul Crowe, Lisa Marie Chen and Meg Sethi; they are all amazing and totally deserve your votes.

Want to join us for the Notable Awards after-party at 99 Sudbury? Apply for tickets here. See you there loves.

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