Mykonos – Little Venice & Paradise Beach


The stairs to Venice Beach.

 When we arrived in Mykonos we decided to take a little walk, although there’s no such thing as a little walk in a country wil so many hills, we wandered down to the sea where we discovered Little Venice. Little Venice is a grouping of cafes against the sea wall, in some places you can put your feet up on the walls while you drink your cocktail and feel the sea spray tickle your toes. It’s magical and everything I expected from the islands. 

 We chose a cafe and sat down for lunch, a late lunch at that point, when Ash started to giggle like an excited child I was a little confused, but I assumed a stray cat had wandered into her vision. What I saw upon turning around was not a stray cat, or even a stray dog, but a pelican. A pink pelican who seemingly lived at the cafes, wandering to and from each one, being fed fish by kindly restaurant owners and photographed by hungry tourists. In my head I named him Fred, which seems like a solid pelican name to me. If, you’re going for illiteration, which I often do, I’d also accept Pete, Pelican Pete would be a grand name. 


The pelican at Venice Beach.

After lunch we walked around the town admiring all the twisty turny roads and adorable shops. Everything was blue and white, everything felt somehow ancient, even the stores selling tacky tourist t-shirts felt… special. Mykonos is like that, it just feels special. 

Before falling asleep, in yet another twin bed (no one here has heard of a double), we ordered an ATV for the next day as we’d been told that the best way to get to the beach was to drive and ATV. The walking being rather perilous I didn’t mind the idea of riding around on an ATV for a couple of days. Don’t worry Mum, I never drove it. 

Paradise Beach is filled with sunbeds, beach bean bag chairs and loungers, it’s the perfect place to spend a day in the sun. If you ever get the chance, go. 


Paradise Beach

Our first day on Paradise was wonderful, but the second was more fun, at some point on the second day the evening DJ pulled me up on table to dance by the bar. Who am I, to refuse a man in a elephant thong? So I danced with two New Yorkers and an Aussie, while the music pounded in my ears and the DJ told everyone on the beach, “WE LOVE YOUUU!!!” Often and loudly. 


Paradise Beach is always a party.

There’s not much sand at Paradise Beach, it’s made up of small rocks, which cling to your feet when you come out of the sea. The water is the clearest I’ve ever seen, making it easy to see the tropical fish swimming around your feet. I swam for a while, both days, loving the feel of the salt water on my skin and the way the water cooled my skin, hot from days in the sun. 

As we left the hostel I looked in the mirror, barely able to recognize myself, my skin golden from the sun and my hair bleached as blonde as I’ve ever seen it. I feel like #IslandShan might be prettier or at the very least much more relaxed than I’ve seen myself in years. 

We’re in Santorini until the 11th and we haven’t figured out where we’ll go next… but I’ll be home in 7 days and while I can’t believe I only have 6 days left in paradise I think I’ve found a new part of myself here, a more relaxed, more liberated, and happier me. 

I’ll be back with more in the coming days. But I want your thoughts… donkey ride or volcanic hot springs? Comment with your pick and I’ll let you know which one we end up doing. 

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