Andros Part 2 – Alex, a Little Bite and Dancing all Night

  On Wednesday morning Ash and I decided to take a taxi to Batsi, a small port on the island, where we had lunch overlooking the sea. Once again the portions were huge; probably because the Greeks are always walking up hill to get anywhere, that’s enough to make anyone hungry. After lunch, and a couple of glasses of sangria, we walked along the sea to check oout the rest of the town. 

We finally got up the hill, so many hills here, and there was our friend from the night before, Alex. He called out to us, “Hey ladies!” After a few minutes of conversation he asked if we’d like to take a ride to Hora, the capital of the island, he had to go to the bank and we might like to see the capital. So wwe hopped in his car and headed off for more adventure. 

Once in Hora, the three of us had espresso in a small cliffside café with  a gorgeous view overlooking the sea. Everything is seaside in the islands, I love it. After our espresso we walked down through the town until we reached the open sea and the statue of the unknown sailor, it was incredible. The waves breaking against the rocks, the salty mist filling the air and the wind wipping my dress about my legs, picturesque is not a strong enough word for the moment. 

As we walked back towards the centre of the town, Alex asked if we would like, “A little bite.” Which with Alex meant grilled octopus, chips, calamari, Greek salad, and a Greek pie. I’ve never had seafood so fresh. Everyone should come to the islands at least once and eat all of the seafood. ALL OF IT. As we’re eating a couple of cats decided to join us, hoping for a snack or two. We obliged, tossing over a piece of calamari and hand feeding them small pieces of octopus. There are so many stray cats in Greece, it’s hard not to take them all home, but they seem happy, mostly, and I’m pretty sure customs would take issue with a carry-on full of kittehs. 


Dessert with a view.

 After our not-so-small bite we drove to a hotel on the cliffs between Hora and Batsi for dessert and more espresso, no need for Red Bull (yet) in a country where the espresso is so good it doesn’t need any additives. Leah would love it here, that girl can’t get enough coffee. I’l have to bring her home some proper espresso. 


Love the sunsets here.

 We spent the next couple of hours lounging on the beach and then parted around 8, set to meet up for ‘disco’ in a couple of hours. 

Alex met us at 10 outside of our hotel and we headed off for snacks, waffles covered in ice cream, and drinks before hitting the disco. When we arrived at the disco the two gals we’d met the night before were behind the bar, dancing and ready with a large bottle of vodka for us. Alex is possibly the most generous person I’ve ever come across in my life, kind and so much fun. He made our second day in Andros, so incredibly special. 

So we danced, and danced, and drank. Before the first bottle was gone another showed up and the dancing got slightly more ridculous. With my fringe purse and long white lace cover, I felt a bit like Stevie Nicks and I’m sure my wild dancing showed the room exactly that. At some point, I’m not really sure when, a bottle of champagne popped and Alex started pouring it into glasses for all of his friends. 

Falling into bed that night, I felt as if I’d had the most European day, although I’m a little glad that last call in Toronto isn’t 5AM. I couldn’t do that every night. 

I’m sitting on Paradise Beach in Mykonos as I write this but I think Andros is still my favourite place, if only because I met the most wonderful people. Thanks Alex, come to Toronto soon, I’ll show you how Canadians party… it’s totally going to be disappointing when compared to the islands. 

That’s all for today, more blogs to come. We’re heading to Santorini on Sunday but the next two days will likely be spent right here on Paradise Beach.  

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