A day (or two) at the Beach – Andros 

We arrived in Andros on Tuesday morning, ready to hit the beach. After dropping our things off at our beautiful hotel we walked to St. Peter’s Beach, a beautiful sandy place that the outside world seems to have forgotten, save for a few manned beach bars there were only three or four other people on the whole beach. St. Peter’s was our private paradise. 

Can’t beat the view!

 After walking along the shore to scope out the best umbrellas we settled on the very last beach bar, no one was working so we made a spot for ourselves on the sunniest part of the beach and set up camp. It wasn’t long before the owners showed up and the drinks started flowing. I ordered a Corona, which felt more than appropriate because I had… found my beach. Ha! You can take the girl out of the agency but you can’t take the agency out of the girl.

The water here was too cold for the locals, but having grown up on Lake Ontario it was more than warm enough for me, so I swam in the sea.  I’ve been in many oceans but this was my first time swimming in the sea, it’s saltier than the ocean and calmer too, the perfect way to cool down after spending most of the day soaking up the hot Grecian sun. I soaked up SO much sun that today when I tried to put on my concealer I realized that it no longer matches my skin, I”m so tan that my make-up dooesn’t match my skin tone any more… serious first world problems.

 Being the only people on the beach we made friends with the owners and before long we were drinking beers, tequilla, and shots with our new friends, Stam, Stelios and Alex. It’s funny even though English is their second language and I don’t speak any Greek we managed to communicate without any issues, if vacation is a language it turns out we all speak it. Eventually more people showed up, all friends of the owners, and we ended up drinking at the beach bar untiil 8:30pm, quite a way to kick off the island hopping portion of our trip.


Fix beer is so tasty!

 Everyone here is so friendly, Stelios, the owner of the beach bar insisted on taking us out for drinks and snacks that evening. Unfortunately my travel companion had more than a little bit of sun burn that she haad to take care of, which as it turns out can be soothed wit the liberal application of Greek yogurt. I’m not trolling you, try it the next time you get a sunburn. With Ash out of commission I joined Stelios for wine in the port of Gavrios, for large glasses of white wine, prosciutto, and breads. It’s possible that there is literally nothing more wonderful than a day spent in the company of kind strangers and the sea.

Tomorrow we are off to Mykonos and we’re told that it’s an increible place but if you ever get the chance to visit the islands, make sure you come to Andros first. Tell Stelios & Stam I say, “Hi,” and buy them a round, they will tell you all about the islands and why Andros is the best one.

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