Shannon Climbs the Acropolis 

So I made it, after what felt like years in transit, I made it to Athens. Our plan was to hit up Athens for a day and then head straight to the islands for the rest of the trip, so when I landed I had time for a quick nap before heading out to find the Acropolis. It wasn’t quite as easy to find as we thought it would be and Joey wasn’t around to, “Step into the map.” But half the fun of going to a new place is exploring, so we wandered around until it became necessary to ask one of the, many, police officers for directions. On a total sidenote, there are A LOT of police officers in Athens. What’s up with that?

  With, proper, if slightly less whimsical directions in hand we headed off to see the wonders of ancient Greece. But not before we stopped in at a roadside cafe beside the National Gardens. There’s something about a road side cafe that is so incredibly European, like if you go to Europe and don’t drink wine and eat bread on the side of the street you’ve done it wrong. So we sat, we ate, we drank all while the purple flowers fell overhead. It was more than a little magical. I guess I got my whimsy after all.

Next up, a few hours, and some seriously delicious souvlaki later, we began our trek up hill to the Acropolis. Another sidenote, why is everything in Europe up hill? My legs are burning and my Samsung tells me that I walked over 11KM today. I had better come home with buns of steel. 

I wish I could explain the Acropolis better, but it’s impossible to explain something so ancient and grand. It’s gorgeous, a feat of human engineering. The Acropolis makes it easier to understand why the ancient Greeks believed in so many deities. How else could man have built such a thing? You’d need multiple gods on your side just to bring all the marble up the hill.  Standing next to this beautiful artifact of the ancient world somehow made me proud of everything people have managed to accomplish. 


One other thing to note, unless you’ve amazing spa like, foot saving flip flops like I do, check out Oka-b you’ll love me for it, wear running shoes. But if you insist on flats or flip flops, go see Dr. Fish after.

OK, it’s late and I have a ferry to catch first thing tomorrow. Keep following along with #IslandShan, tha island fun officially begins in Andros tomorrow. 

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