Roosh V Counsels Followers to Break the Law

I’m a proud feminist. That’s no secret, I believe men and women deserve equal treatment. Simple. As. That. But if you need more explanation about feminism, click play and listen to Laci Green explain why we should ALL be feminists.

So I’m incensed that a man who advocates for legal rape, believes that feminists should be converted (WTF?), and calls gay men a health threat is coming to my beautiful city. When I was 18 I adopted Toronto as my home, it’s been mine for almost 10 years now, and I cannot stand the idea of this man spreading his hate here. Hate speech is a crime in Canada. Coming to the most multicultural city in the entire world, to spread your hate for anyone who doesn’t see the world through the same fucked up lens that you do, Mr. Valizadeh, is seriously ridiculous.

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The ridiculousness aside, the hate speech aside, this man has now done something that is very much illegal (prior to opening his vile mouth) he has counselled his followers to commit a crime. By asking his followers to have sex with feminists and film them surreptitiously, he has counselled his followers to distribute intimate images of women without their knowledge, which is in direct violation of Bill C-13.

Although I’m curious, how do these man-babies plan to hide their true nature long enough to fool an intelligent woman into talking to them… let alone touching them? I doubt that this plan is even possible, thankfully.

I know that by writing this, I’m potentially putting myself at risk, but I will not stay quiet, I will not allow threats to stop me from speaking up for what is right. I will speak up for the women who’ve been threatened and bullied into shutting down their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Because you can shut one of us down but you can’t shut us all down, there are too many of us.

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