Working in an ad agency can be incredibly rewarding, I still get giddy when I see something I worked on covered in the press or just existing out there in the real world, but it can also be incredibly taxing and it often means lunch is super quick and maybe not so healthy. I’ve been trying to eat really well lately, Chef’s Plate helps me do that at home but I really needed something for lunch that didn’t cost $20 a plate and offered something moderately healthier than Bahn Mi Boys or Burger’s Priest. So what would be quick enough that it wouldn’t interrupt my day and delicious enough that eating healthy didn’t feel like a punishment, enter Feast.

Feast is a new delivery service in Toronto that works with popular local chefs to create, “Chef-made meals with local, organic ingredients and delivered in minutes.” Perfect! A solution. Healthy, tasty, local and the prices are shockingly reasonable.

As any good little millennial will tell you, “Delivery is where it’s at, homes.” I have 100% heard a black toque wearing millennial say this, it is not at all made up. With apps like Thirstie, Favour, and Uber Eats growing in popularity every day it makes perfect sense that a group of smart Torontonians would start something like Feast to provide sustenance to those downtowners who don’t have the time (or desire) to meal prep on Sundays but still want a healthy option come lunch time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.27.38 PM

So if you’re sitting at work right now, wondering what you’re going to eat for lunch head over to the App Store and download Feast right now.  I recommend the Seared Albacore Tuna Niçoise from today’s menu, for $13.00 you’ll be treated to an incredible salad that is definitely better than anything within walking distance of your office.

Oh! And if you see the Ontario Heirloom Carrot & Quinoa Salad on the app at any point this week, you probably need to order two or three because it’s that delicious. You know the kind of salad dressing where you wonder if anyone will notice if you just drink it a little… yeah, it’s that kind of dressing.

Update: My lovely friends at Feast found this blog post (cause I tagged them) and offered a discount code so if you want to try them risk free use promo code: SHANNS10

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