Seinfeld Pop-up bar Coming to TO!!


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You, better believe it, buddy! This summer Toronto has a brand new pop-up bar, a pop-up bar about nothing. Rumour is you’ll even be given a bro and a pair of white Nike sneakers upon entry (I might have made that up).

The pop-up bar is set to open with a launch party on July 15 somewhere near Dundas and Dufferin, right around the corner from The Lockhart; which if you haven’t checked out by now… what are you doing?! Go to The Lockhart now, you can finish reading this on the Uber over, when you get there order the Befuddlement and proceed to have a great time.

The pop-up will be a replica of the beloved Monk’s Cafe and the menu will include everything from marble rye sandwiches and “big salads” to muffin tops and Kenny Rodger’s chicken. A gift shop will sell Junior Mints, Jujyfruits, Twix, Pez, Snickers, and cereal according to the Facebook Event Page.  

For those of you whose knowledge of Seinfeld goes far beyond the spongeworthy quotes and the airing of grievances, there will weekly events including trivia so you can prove to your friends once and for all that you are the master of the Seinfeld domain (too much?).

You can find more info on the summer of Seinfeld here.

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